The perfect combination -Flux and Strip from Bavaria
The perfect combination -Flux and Wire from Bavaria

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The COVID-19 situation is developing rapidly and has an impact on people's lives and global supply chains worldwide.
Unfortunately, while the situation in China appears to be stabilizing, the number of confirmed infections in other countries in Asia, Europe and America is increasing.
As an international company, we take care of the health and safety of our employees and would like to provide you with the smoothest possible service. We therefore monitor every new development and adapt our actions daily. We follow the advice of experts and implement preventive measures in accordance with the respective government guidelines:


  • Our employees are available for you by e-mail and telephone in company & homeoffice and are encouraged to avoid personal meetings if possible. 
  • Unannounced visits are unfortunately no longer possible. Personal meetings that cannot be postponed should be registered and checked 48 hours in advance.
  • availability by telephone is always guaranteed from Monday to Thursday 7 am – 5 pm and Friday from 7 to 12am, but exactly you customer advisor perhaps will be not available
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Construction procedure Bavaria Schweisstechnik in Munich

We build for you! The new production hall of Bavaria will be completed in 2019 Unterschleißheim / Munich! Curious? Then take a look at the first impressions of the exciting construction project.

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The perfect combination

Pipe construction

Since the founding of the company welding consumables have been used by Bavaria Schweisstechnik in pipeline construction worldwide.

Wind energy

Increasingly, wind turbines are being built offshore - where they are exposed to particularly high loads from the climate and wind.

Hydro power

Bavaria Schweisstechnik is an important producer of submerged arc welding consumables for the hydropower industry.

Oil and gas

The extraction of gas and oil is carried out in ever more difficult environments - with corresponding effects on the materials used.

Chemical industry

Bavaria Schweisstechnik offers a comprehensive portfolio of submerged arc welding consumables for the chemical industry.

Pressure vessel

Bavaria Schweisstechnik can refer to many years of experience in submerged arc welding in the field of pressure vessel construction.

Steel construction

Steel constructions are often exposed to wind and weather and must be able to cope with all loads, and this with high life.


The biggest challenge in the transport sector is to reduce the weight in order to increase transport capacities - whether in road, rail or shipping traffic.

Hardfacing/ reconditioning

Supporting the selection of suitable welding parameters and welding consumables ansures a long service life for refurbished or welded components.